Short Stories

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Misty's family has all but deserted her. It's Christmas time, and she has only one wish—to see her family. But do wishes come true?

When Addie finds work at the local diner, she never expected that her friend would be her greatest enemy.

When Ariyana shows up on a farm in the middle of Mississippi, she isn't even aware that she's on Earth. She fled from her past, and then she meets Blake who shows her the truth.

Blake owns the land that Ariyana finds herself on. He wants to believe what she's told him about coming from a different planet, but what Blake doesn't know is if Ariyana is hiding something from him. A secret that even she doesn't know.

After Sara's husband dies, she finds solace in whiskey, but soon realizes, it isn't only whiskey that she needs to help fill the void in her heart.